About Us

Our Company

Royal Assets Pte. Ltd. (Royal Assets) is an asset management firm that welcomes individuals with open minds and a positive outlook. We specialize in providing investment services to private clients and investment funds, with a focus on identifying long-term opportunities that offer sustained capital growth and minimal correlation to public markets. Our primary aim is to bring peace of mind to our investors.
Royal Assets has its roots in a group of well-established asset management businesses that have operated in partnership for many years. With a collective experience of 34 years managing private clients and investment funds, these businesses share a common set of values. As a family-run enterprise, we treat our investors as members of our extended family. Our Investment Philosophy is founded on a commitment to honesty and transparency, which are integral to our service offering.
At the heart of our approach lies a commitment to conducting comprehensive qualitative and quantitative research. Our philosophy is rooted in an understanding of the transformative trends shaping our world, such as digitalization, urbanization, and longevity. To capture the opportunities presented by these trends, we invest in themes such as smart living and working, data infrastructure and communication towers, logistics, distributed energy, waste management, robotics, blockchain infrastructure, MedTech, fintech, and other innovative areas.
We’re a circle of professionals and experts with clear goals, shared values and open minds. Our focus lies on successful growth stories, whether looking through the clients’ or employees’ eyes:


Our clients benefit from investing in long-term growth stories. They should not worry about short-term market fluctuations or economic cycles.


Our talent is our core. We want to further develop our research-oriented expertise to continue the firm’s history of high talent retention.


We are continuously optimizing our investment process and increasing our corporate efficiency using advanced technologies (e.g., automation, data mining, blockchain, artificial intelligence).


We offer continuous learning possibilities to drive personal growth, while fostering a healthy work-life balance.
While we serve a wide client base, we are not compromising on service nor investment quality.