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At Royal Assets, we recognize the merits of both public and private markets in generating diversified portfolios and achieving greater long-term returns. We provide private market strategies that cover private equity, infrastructure, private credit, and real estate through a range of innovative solutions. In addition, our public market funds aim to outperform the index by investing for the long-term in high-quality companies with expanding business moats and rising earnings potential.
Royal Assets Singapore LONG ONLY FUND

The Royal Assets Singapore Long Only Fund is a traditional long only strategy targeting to outperform the broader Singapore equity market through fundamental deep-dive research and subsequent investment in quality companies with widening business moats and earnings power. This fund consists of a focused long only portfolio concentrated in 30 to 35 Singapore stocks, which are selected through a systematic, in-house analytical framework. The focus is on liquid, mid and large Singapore capitalization companies within diverse industry sectors. These are corporations that can grow their free cash flow over time and allocate earnings to value creating activities as well as dividends. The Singapore economy has historically offered a stable environment for entrepreneurship, economic growth and capital protection in difficult times.


Our flagship strategy, the Calypso Fund is a U.S. Long Bias Equity Long/Short strategy enhanced with a bond component. Running since October 2016, this strategy focuses investing in a long book of U.S. companies and hedging through liquid index futures. The long book aims to be factor neutral across Growth, Value and Low Volatility whilst buying into high quality companies with a simple and comprehensible business model, at reasonable valuations. We aim to stay invested long-term, whilst minimizing portfolio drawdowns during specific time periods. The Fund aims to capture about 27-35% of equity downside but up to 65-70% in rampant markets. This fund is ideal for conservative equity investors who aim to achieve equitable returns in the long term but are unwilling to ride through a full equity drawdown.

The Hestias Endowment Model is a long-term capital commitment Fund of private markets Funds. This Fund invests in a thematic way across private equity, private debt, real estate, private infrastructure and sub-sectors. Our niche private equity managers cover various industries and geographies and are selected based on a strict due diligence approach. Our target allocation is 40% to private equity, 20% to private debt, 20% to real estate and 20% to private infrastructure, while geographically we focusing on the developed markets.


UniFirst Ventures fund is focusing on early-stage deep technology and hard-science start-ups. Our team’s experience in engineering and entrepreneurship allows us to operate with high conviction and maintain a concentrated portfolio. We are working closely with universities and other academic partners to identify founders with truly disruptive technologies. Our aim is to follow closely our partner companies and act as shadow co-founders, offering not only financial resources but also strategic support. By leveraging our network of VC and PE funds we also offer our portfolio companies access to an international network and capital markets. While we aim to remain geographically balanced, we strongly believe in a physical presence so we naturally gravitate towards European companies.
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